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ORICoop is pleased to be working with partners across Australia and the globe, to expand our understanding of organic farming, agro-ecology, regenerative farming systems, succession in farming, localised food, Investment and Co-operatives. Enjoy the expansion of these resources, and we look forward to adding more over time!


The midwife and the hospice worker

“The new economy is not about rejecting the old. It is about addressing the unintended consequences. It is about the ephemeral nature of things, and our responsibility to improve what’s been handed to us.” Written by Danny Almagor Read the FULL ARTICLE from DUMBO...

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Helping eachother through cooperatives

Economic co-operation is an old and tried formula for bringing social justice and charity to the masses of the world’s people. It has succeeded in every country in which it has been tried and in every type of economic activity. It has worked among people of widely different political systems and cultures.

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EU recognises co-ops as important part of the collaborative economy

The collaborative economy is bringing a growing interest in the co-operative model, says the European Parliament.

The parliament’s European agenda for the collaborative economy points finds that entrepreneurs are becoming more aware of the benefits of the model.

And it argues that, if the collaborative economy is developed in a responsible manner, it could help create new opportunities for citizens, consumers and workers.

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Making the Sustainable Development Goals work for local communities everywhere

Gaia Education and UNESCO launch ‘SDG Community Implementation Flashcards’ and an ‘SDG Training of Multipliers’
Why are people not participating more enthusiastically in the widespread implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals? How can we engage communities everywhere to make the United Nations’ Global Goals their local goals? How can individuals and collectives contribute to achieving ‘Agenda 2030’?

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