Benefits of becoming a ORICoop member


Organic & biodynamic farmers, eaters, investors, aligned partners & specialist consultants are encouraged to become a member of ORICoop.  Together we are stronger to change our farming & food system, with each acre that is farmed, each meal that is enjoyed, and each dollar that we choose to invest in a fairer ecological system.  This all represents an important part of the overall ecosystem, along with the fundamental Co-operative principle of one member one vote.

ORICoop Membership offers:-

  • Collective contribution to the ongoing direction of ORICoop
  • Voting at Annual General Meeting
  • Collaborative contribution to Investment focus & selection
  • Member contribution to the social investment aspect
  • Private invitation to ORICoop Member Days on farms
  • Members can stand for open positions on ORICoop Board
  • Members have opportunity to network with ORICoop farmers
  • Opportunity to acquire Investor Shares
  • Receive ORICoop’s e-newsletter, providing information about ORICoop members only events, upcoming investment opportunities, farm days, and investor meetings.

Already a Member?  Would you like to acquire Investor shares?

Please read the INVESTOR SHARE SUMMARY and download the application HERE

ORICoop Investor Shares

You can acquire ORICoop Investor Shares into certified organic farmland and join the revolution of investing directly into your own farming & food system?  As an Australian first, we are excited to release the first details of this opportunity.

You can read the Investment Share Summary HERE for further information

For all RETAIL investors (up to $50,000) – you need to become a ORICoop member to acquire investor shares (as per Disclosure).  Once you are a member you can log in & acquire Investor Shares HERE

For Wholesale investors interested in potential investment opportunities – you can contact us DIRECTLY for further information or via email.

ORICoop Foundational Members

In March 2017, ORICoop was formally registered as a Co-operative in Victoria, and the ORICoop Board appointed. We were so encouraged by the support we received in our Pozible campaign, and welcomed over (50+) foundational members, and raised over $12,000 (of our $10,000 goal).

Here are our ORICoop Foundational members, and we look forward to sharing our journey with them, and all ORICoop members.

Thanks especially to …

Alan H. Greig, Brett John Mclatchie, Bullimah Community Coop, C Showers & J Miles, Carissa Wolfe, Carly Hammond, Chris McLoghlin, Dan Fitzgerald, Dougal Munro, Duncan Wallace, Farming Secrets, Georgia Foster Eyles, Jeremy Leitch, Jery Goebel, Karyn Cassar, Lara Solyma, Liz elliott, Manna Hill Estate, Peter van Schie, Rolf von Behrens, Tan-Ni Clancy, Tim Watson, Tobias Koenig, Tanya Massy, Benmar Farm Pty Ltd,  Eaterprises Australia, Elsie L’Huillier, Emma-Kate Rose, Farmer Incubator, Frank Harney, Hugh and Katie Finlay, Jen Sheridan, Jinari Mountain, Jo McNeill, Joel Orchard, Jordan Ivatts, Marc Griffiths, Mark Bland, Mark Peterson, Michael Hingston, Nicki Colls, Rebecca Scott, Robert Pekin, Sam Marwood, Serenity Hill, Sonia Ghiggioli, Steven Lafiatis, Virginia Daniels, Wendy Marchment, Paul Barnett, Greg Bender and Jasmine Ruffilli.