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Invest to protect, preserve, and regenerate our Natural Capital and build sustainable and equitable food systems.



Farmer-led green impact bond that supports organic & regenerative land stewardship. 




Organic Supply Chain


ORCA underpins a ‘Farmers Own’ Organic Brand that markets bulk organic products.  To enable producers to access tailored organic processing and storage facilities.  Farmer Controlled.  For Farmer Benefit.

Ethical Water Trust


Water is central to Agriculture.  Together with producers we enable ethical investment for long term sustainable returns, that retain water rights for the benefit of producers.

Open for Expressions of Interest

Are you interested in organic or biodynamic agriculture? Are you concerned about food security? Have you considered investing to protect, preserve and regenerate our Natural Capital and local food systems?   ORICoop is pleased to release our community investment offer.

The ‘Eco-Bond’ developed by ORICoop is a farmer-led green impact bond that supports organic & regenerative land stewardship that increases the resilience, the natural capital & ecological assets including soil carbon, biodiversity and water stewardship, while reducing the footprint of food and agriculture.

Important Information

This offer is open to ORICoop members (as retail investors) and to wholesale investors. See our
Disclosure Documentation for full information regarding our Investor Shares and ORICoop’s
Cooperative Structure.

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    DISCLAIMER: ORICoop does not make any recommendation or representation in respect of any specific investments. Interested investors should do their own investigation and analysis. They should seek independent professional advice and ensure the intended investment and its inherent risks are suitable to their particular circumstances.