Guiding Manifesto


to protect, preserve and enhance farmland and businesses that produce organic food in a sustainable and regeneratively farmed manner


to build a strong, secure & more resilient food system. That includes a real return to investors, balanced ecological expectations for farmers, and longevity of food security.


to provide educational pathways & career opportunities, that enable more people to be explore a career in organic & regenerative agriculture and food production


ORICoop enables a collaborative business enterprise to build upon a sustainable, organic and regenerative farming eco-system across Australia.


to collectively enable people to engage & prosper for more connected communities, localised food & supported farmers in our regions

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Be part of our journey

  • Be part of the global change towards a resilient, sustainable, organic, ecological & regenerative food production system
  • Offer long term patient capital investment (5+ years) opportunities, with real returns in organic farmland
  • Preserve existing certified organic & biodynamic farmland in perpetuity
  • Increase the number of hectares of protected biodiversity, woodlands, wetland & healthy ecosystems across the Australian agricultural landscape.
  • Build more carbon resilience & increase carbon stores across farming & forestry systems.
  • Provide stable and long term agricultural business opportunities to the next generation of organic farm managers and businesses
  • Reduce the environmental impact of agriculture & food production, by avoiding toxic chemicals & fertilisers into soils, waterways & farmland
  • Build an inclusive & collaborative management culture, that does not discriminate on race, age or gender
  • Invest in businesses, communities & people that build a stronger, more resilient & transparent business and community based ecosystem
  • Empower businesses that nurture regenerative, economic & ecological policies & practices

We encourage our Co-operative members to understand and register their support of the Slow Money Principles.

A measurable parameter of the co-operative is UN sustainable principles included here.

Who are we?

We are a united collective of passionate, talented, innovative and aligned founding ORICoop members, that together intend to bring long term change to the farming, food, investment & co-operative sector

Carolyn Suggate

Carolyn Suggate

Founder & Organic Land Specialist

Driven, passionate, multi-skilled, organic farmer, strong advocate for innovative ideas, & a team player.  ORICoop is a reflection of my desire to see a fair go for farmers, & for all Australians.

Dan Fitzgerald

Fiona Fielding


Biological Farmer & Accountant

Change facilitator, loves the magic of numbers, addicted to improving soils, keen about sharing farming knowledge.
Rob Fenton

Rob Fenton

Agroecology Head Teacher

Exceptional organic & agroecology teacher and farmer, innovator, creator, hard working, truth in organic systems type of guy!

Sam Marwood

Ahri Tallon


Ahri Tallon is a born organiser, community worker and active campaigner who loves to work on innovative projects that connect communities and address the big problems of the world. With his long history of experience in the environmental and progressive movements, his work now focuses on community and co-operative development projects that address social, economic and environmental problems.

Robert Pekin

Helen Mcgregor


Consultant, coach and educator. Challenging paradigms and leveraging change in agriculture.  Connecting producers and consumers and empowering the next generation of agriculturalists. Passionately supporting farming done well.

What are you waiting for?

Organic sector overview

Currently the organic sector in Australia is worth in excess of $1.73B, and growing at a rate of 13-14% per annum (Organic Market Report, 2017). The market has ongoing strong consumer demand, with more educated consumers looking for connection, authenticity, certified healthy food in Australia.

The most difficult aspects of the industry are the lack of stable supply chains and a continued increasing demand in the amount of certified organic farmland area.  Together with constraints around the agricultural labour force, business development and deep expertise needed to build stronger & climate resilient farm businesses over the long term.

ORICoop endeavours to meet these needs, and many others through our collective expertise, the transparency and member based values of a co-operative.  Together with an experienced Board, co-operative members, key strategic advisors, aligned partners and specialist consultants we are ready to tackle this exciting proposition!



ORICoop will offer direct investment opportunities into specific farmland investment offerings, inline with ecologically balanced intentions of the land, the farm managers & the investors returns.



ORICoop offers strategic partnerships with like minded businesses, foundations and co-operatives to further build and enhance the organic farming eco system.



Anyone can become a member of the ORICoop, assuming their acceptance of the conditions of ORICoop membership as contained in Rules & Disclosure Statement.



Our ‘Eater members’ that are innately connected to farmland, & to their increasing desire to see more organic food in their communities, local & direct from farmers to them.



We welcome our Board members in the establishment and early formation of ORICoop.


What are you waiting for?