Increasing the profitability of organic and regenerative businesses through collaboration between farmers, investors and eaters

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The Organic and Regenerative Investment Co-operative is an innovative organisation, focussed on bringing together farmers, businesses, eaters and like-minded investors for better outcomes

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ORICoop exists to increase the amount and the productivity of organically and regeneratively managed land across Australia.  While supporting farmers to be better land stewards of our critical ecological food and farming system.


We believe that healthy soil leads to healthy waterways, better food, conscious and resilient producers & stronger communities.  


We work with organic and biodynamic farms and support producers to transition their agricultural businesses for the better.  We bring together farmers, investors and eaters who are looking for long term investment strategies.  That creates a more resilient Australian food and farming economy that can change the way our farmers do business … for the better!

ORICoop helps the community


‘It takes a village to raise a child, and a community to build a farm’.


ORICoop helps farms


Our key farms are family owned, sustainably managed with a strong track record.


ORICoop helps grow healthy food


ORICoop aims to preserve land that produces organic food, through all stages of the supply chain.


ORICoop helps grow organic produce


At ORICoop, we believe in building blocks that enable long term sustainable growth.


We welcome new members to our co-operative

Be part of a better farming and food system?

* Organic Farm Businesses

* Farmland Transition Strategies

* Investment Opportunities and Pathways

* Carbon Net-Positive Farmland and Businesses

* Connecting farmers and foodies for the better good

Guiding Manifesto


to protect, preserve and enhance farmland and businesses that produce organic food in a sustainable and regeneratively farmed manner


to build a strong, secure & more resilient food system. That includes a fair and sustainable return to investors, balancing ecological expectations for farmers, and the longevity of food security.


to provide strategic career pathways & work opportunities, that enable more people to pursue a career in organic & regenerative agriculture and food production


ORICoop enables a collaborative business enterprise that builds upon a sustainable, organic and regenerative farming ecosystem across Australia.


to collectively enable people to engage & prosper for more connected and sustainable communities, localised food & better supporting farmers in our regions

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Be part of our journey

  • Be part of the global transition towards a resilient, sustainable, organic, ecological & regenerative food production system
  • Bring together capital investment, with sustainable returns in organic farmland, business and related assets
  • Preserve existing certified organic & biodynamic farmland for the long term
  • Increase the amount and value of protected biodiversity, woodlands, wetlands & healthy ecosystems across the Australian agricultural landscape.
  • Build more carbon resilience & increase carbon stores across farming & forestry systems.
  • Provide stable and long term agricultural business opportunities to the next generation of organic farm managers and businesses
  • Reduce the environmental impact of agriculture & food production, by avoiding toxic chemicals & fertilisers into soils, waterways & farmland
  • Build an inclusive & collaborative culture, that does not discriminate on race, age or gender
  • Support businesses, communities & people that together can build a stronger, more resilient business and community based society
  • Empower businesses that nurture regenerative economics & natural ecological policies

We encourage our Co-operative members to understand and register their support of the Slow Money Principles.

A measurable parameter of the co-operative are the UN sustainable principles included here.

Who are we?

A united collective of passionate, talented, innovative ORICoop members, that together intend to bring long term change to the farming, food, land, finance & co-operative sector

Carolyn Suggate

Carolyn Suggate

ORICoop Founder & Director
Driven, passionate, multi-skilled, resourceful, organic farmer, strong advocate for equality & a team player.  ORICoop is a reflection of her deep desire to see a more aligned connection between farmers, eaters, healthy farmland and our financial systems.


Director Greg Paynter

Greg Paynter


A keen advocate since 1990, an experienced practitioner, certification specialist, extension officer, researcher in the public and private sector in the organic ecosystem, prior to that a broad-acre agriculturist in the conventional realm. Currently assisting in the development of the Eco-Credit program also working in the development of organic fertilisers from mining offal. Driven by what I believe organics has to offer humanity whilst preserving natures capacity.


Director Maroye Marinkovic

Maroye Marinkovic


Solution designer specialising in creating digitally enabled environments, tools and systems for improving value chain sustainability, transparency and efficiency.  Actively working on developing ORICoop technology capacity to support Eco-Credits, supply chain services and overall digital capabilities for ORICoop and it's members.  Contributing to the mission of ORICoop aligns with his deepest values, belief and passion



Director Sandra Fishwick

Sandra Fishwick


One of Australia’s pioneering organic avocado farmers, Sandra is incredibly passionate about saving Australia's cultural farming heritage, educating people about sustainable food production, preserving the soil and maintaining a pristine water supply.  


Director Trevor Moyne

Trevor Moyle



With a background in finance, corporate governance and investment, Trevor has always been strongly committed to family and community, recently established two foundations in Nepal, team leader for Australian Conservation Foundation Community Group which meets at CERES in Brunswick


Paola Crofts

Paola Crofts

ORICoop Board Member


Be the change you wish for, and join us on our journey..


* Healthy food

* Resilient communities

* Organic producers

* Cooperative values

* Ethical Investment

Organic sector overview

The organic sector in Australia is worth in excess of $1.73B, and growing at a rate of 13-14% per annum (Organic Market Report, 2017). The market has ongoing strong consumer demand, with more educated consumers looking for connection, authenticity, certified and healthy food in Australia.

The complex aspects of the industry are the lack of resilient supply chains and reliable markets for increased demand in organic food, related to geography, land access and profitability.  Together with constraints around the agricultural labour force, business development and deep expertise needed to build stronger and more climate resilient farm businesses over the long term.

ORICoop endeavours to address these needs, and others through our collective expertise, connecting networks of producers and addressing the needs through better transparency and member based values of a co-operative.  With the depth of diverse experience of the ORICoop Board, engaged members, key strategic advisors, aligned partners and specialist consultants we are ready to tackle this exciting proposition!



ORICoop offers investment pathways into organic and regenerative farmland, water and supply chain opportunities.  Together with our Eco-Bond.  That balances the needs of our members, increasing the land, water and supply chain that offers fair investor returns that don't cost the earth.



ORICoop offers strategic partnerships with like minded businesses, foundations and co-operatives to further build and enhance the organic farming, business and food system.



You are invited to become a member of ORICoop, assuming your acceptance of the  ORICoop membership guidelines as contained in the Rules and Disclosure Statement.



Our 'Eater' members’ intention is to be more closely connected to farmers and farmland, and to their increasing desire to see more organic food in their communities, local & direct from farmers to them.


Board Members

We appreciate our Board members support in the growth of ORICoop.  You can contact them directly here.


What are you waiting for?

What is a Co-operative?


"Co-operatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity."

International Co-operative Alliance

Seven Cooperative Principles

1. Voluntary and open membership
2. Democratic member control
3. Member economic participation
4. Autonomy and independence
5. Education, training, and information
6. Co-operation among co-operatives
7. Concern for Community


ORICoop - a Co-operative of organic farmers, eaters and investors.

Together with our members, ORICoop seeks to do business differently.  With aligned intentions, farm management and transition strategies, investment parthways and career development – we want to see the world of organic farming and food be prosperous, safe and world changing.


We believe that people should be able to farm organically without profit being the single strongest driver, measure and motivator. We also believe that people and investors, can be intrinsically involved in their investments, and to see the long term outcome of these benefits beyond the financial returns.

We are committed to creating a farmer-owned, people owned, investor balanced co-operative that brings together aligned investment into organic farmland and businesses for long term impact, real returns, community benefit, and the land preserved for the long term.  Importantly, as member owners, we believe we should build community for the common and collective good.

In the tradition of their founders, co-operative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. That’s the official definition according to the International Co-operative Alliance.

ORICoop believes that farms should be owned and managed by entities that have a long term genuine interest in the preservation, restoration, viability, productivity and longevity of the asset.

ORICoop acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of our nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work. ORICoop operates throughout Aboriginal land in our vast country. We acknowledge the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island people as the traditional custodians of each region and pay our respects to their elders past and present.

We are committed to a positive future for the Aboriginal community, and to work collaboratively with them in regions of significance and opportunity to their people.