Increasing organic and regenerative land area through collaborative investment in Australia

The Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative is an innovative, new venture

The aim of the Co-operative is to enable investment, management, education and growth opportunities across the organic, regenerative, biodynamic and agro ecology farming and food sector. This includes acquisition and preservation and management of farmland, specific business opportunities, and long term involvement of members & investors in the future growth of the Co-operative, land ownership & stewardship in Australia.

The Co-operative movement in Australia is at an exciting transition period – and we believe it offers an incredible opportunity to meet many of the parameters that this Co-operative is seeking to provide. The Co-operative is designed to offer a powerful, collaborative vehicle that combines investment, intention, community, education and preservation across the organic and regenerative farming and business sector in Australia.


ORICoop helps the community


‘It takes a village to raise a child, and a community to build a farm’.


ORICoop helps farms


Our ideal farms are varied in size, products and region.


ORICoop helps grow healthy food


ORICoop intends to acquire land that produces organic food, through all stages of the supply chain.


ORICoop helps grow organic produce


At ORICoop, we believe in building blocks that enable growth.


We welcome new members to our co-operative

Are you interested in understanding or fostering community power? Cooperatives are a vehicle to make this change.

ORICoop acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of our nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work. ORICoop operates throughout Aboriginal land in our vast country. We acknowledge the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island people as the traditional custodians of each region and pay our respects to their elders past and present.

We are committed to a positive future for the Aboriginal community, and to work collaboratively with them in regions of significance and opportunity to their people.