ORICoop fundamentally wants to see more land, farmed more organically, producing more food, for more people.  With this intention – we are keen to hear from farmers, landowners and landholders that have access to land, that they want to see utilised for a higher purpose.

It could be a 1 acre town block, it could be a 1000acre farm block, it could be in a city, in a rural or regional town across Australia.  We have strategic and aligned partners, that like us, have active people looking for more land, and for more purpose in growing more food, more efficiently.  We want to map these areas, and see this land be farmed, with more people having access to better food over the longer term.  ORICoop will work in partnership between these parties, to enable a long term and beneficial outcome to be achieved.

Key considerations include:-

  • Location
  • Size
  • Security
  • Market Access
  • Water
  • Farm Management

I have potential land available…