We want to see more land, farmed more regeneratively & organically, producing healthier food, for more people around Australia! 

With this intention – ORICoop is keen to hear from existing farmers, landowners and landholders that have access to farmland, that they want to see better utilised for a higher purpose.

It could be a 1 acre block (with access to water), it could be a 1000acre farm, it could be nearby a city, near a rural or regional town across Australia.  We have strategic and aligned partners, that like us, have keen & experienced people looking for more land, and for more opportunities to grow more food, and see land be better utilised.  We want to see land be farmed to it’s highest & best use, and mitigate the continuing exit of Australian families owning farmland.  ORICoop will work in partnership with you, to enable a long term and beneficial outcome of farmland fully utilised, delivering fair returns that don’t cost the earth!

We are open to share farm opportunities, leasehold, or if your family is considering leaving a legacy that keeps the land farmed organically for life.  We can work with any of these situations, with our specialist farm management teams, and advisory where you the owner, are kept fully informed on the progress of the farmland.

If you have farmland that you think might be suitable – complete the property submission form below or contact us to discuss further details.

Key farmland considerations include:-

  • Location
  • Size
  • Security
  • Market Access
  • Water
  • Farm Management

I have potential land available…