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Useful resources for organic & biodynamic producers – to do what you do better, in feeding our hungry nation!   Steward the land, grow healthy food, while looking after soil, water and animals.

ORICoop works with some of the leading organic soil specialists, agroecologists, and biological consultants across Australia.  Together we believe that we are stronger, and you as a farmer or producer can benefit from this shared knowledge and resource.


Treating Fruit Fly Organically

Thanks to the Department of Agriculture in Victoria, for their financial support in our Fruit Fly Grant.  With funds from this grant, ORICoop has been able to put together these resources, around educating and raising awareness of this pesky fly, that is now living further south, including Melbourne, Yarra Valley, North East Victoria & other surrounding regions.  This affects all producers, both small and large!

You can be a responsible fruit grower (either commerically or as a backyard grower) by checking out the following:-

* Treating fruit fly within the Organic Standards

* Fruit Fly webinar featuring Andrew Jarranup

If you have other questions around Fruit Fly – you can contact us HERE

Thanks to Organic Systems & Solutions

for this video. 

Steps to certification for organic or biodynamic farmers…