A growing list of useful resources for organic & biodynamic farmers – to do what they do better! Steward the land, grow healthy food, while looking after their soils, water and animals.

ORICoop works with some of the country’s leading Organic Agronomists, Agroecologists, and Biological Consultants.  Together we believe that we are stronger collectively, and you as a farmer and/or grower can benefit from this shared knowledge and resource.

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First steps to certification for organic farmers…

Good dirt on biodynamics now at your fingertips!

Have you ever wondered how biodynamic farmers run their farming business and regenerate their soil at the same time?

Well here’s your chance to have a sneak peek at exactly what they do through a set of case studies, featuring a number of different farming businesses (including dairying, grazing, horticulture and viticulture) on a new website called Bio-Soil.

As well as showcasing organic and biodynamic practices, there is plenty of advice and information for anyone interested in improving soil health.