We have certified organic farmers that are surrounded by fire risk and stress.  Counting the cost of bushfires & unrelenting drought.  There are also certified organic producers that are in ongoing danger, but due to their farming enterprises cannot leave their farm.  Benmar Farm (pictured above) & Marook Farm are under ongoing threat from multiple fire fronts.  As are others included on this map.


There are many organic and biodynamic farmers in the direct line of the bushfires across Southern Australia.  Together with enduring the longest drought on record, we are working to keep these farmers in business.

To recover from the fires and retain their organic status these farmers urgently need help with:-

  • Certified organic fodder
  • Certified organic agistment
  • Transport to suitable organic farmland until the danger passes
  • Funds to replace essential farm equipment and farm structures
  • Volunteers in their restoration plan
  • Replacement of new seasons crops & trees

* If you are a CONSCIOUS ORGANIC CONSUMER you can help in 2 ways:-

* If you are a CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCER or FARMER AFFECTED by the current fires please contact us HERE with specific details of what support you require

* If you are a CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCER that can OFFER fodder, agistment or other assistance to other organic farmers contact us directly HERE

* If you are a business interested in direct donations from your customers – you can contact us directly HERE.   You can also share our FLYER with your customers.  Or if your business can assist in bushfire and drought recovery of organic farms – contact us HERE.

ORICoop is working with charities in each region to get our farmers back on their farms growing organic food and fibre.  What about planning your next trip to the country – offering some hands-on deck for farmers that need a hand (once the fire risk has passed).

**  All financial support received will be overseen by our regional representatives & an ORICoop Board member to ensure that the funds get to those that need it.


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