Eco-Credits ™
The Vision

To strengthen our food and farming communities we need to connect them more closely.
Working towards adaptation of best practice for the long term regeneration of
farmland, ecological systems, communities, and our food system.

This includes:

Vitalise capital to connect business, food, and farming for better long term outcomes.

Enable farmers to capture more of the natural capital value in their farmland.

Connect business and individual credits directly to farmers and defined outcomes.

Align with accredited stewardship measures

Creating an exchange of Eco-Credits™ provides a credible and measured independent mechanism to determine
ecological health, foundational biodiversity whilst achieving long term and sustainable productivity.

How can ORICoop achieve this?

● By increasing carbon drawdown in farmland.
● Demonstration of best practice ecological land management.
● Incentives that connect ecological outcomes of soil, land, biodiversity, and water
● Measurable outcomes of land stewardship in terms of nature, wildlife, and land preservation.
● Enable farms and businesses to work together to achieve carbon neutrality
● Develop better market opportunities, shorter supply chains, and best practice organic farm knowledge.


ORICoop is offering Eco-Credits ™ to conscious businesses and individuals looking to offset their carbon footprint. Eco-Credits ™ are deployed directly to organic farmers who can commit Eco-Credits™ to their farmland.  Opportunities for the Eco-Credit™ commitments include:- to drawdown carbon into the soil, increase the quality and size of biodiversity on farmland, plant native trees, and increase the amount of cover cropping and pasture cover. These credits are independently and annually verified using the latest technology and measurement parameters.

Each business receives a report provided by the collective of farm contributors each year – detailing what the Eco-Credit ™ collective outcome has achieved, verified by: 

* Soil tests for carbon increase verification
* Biodiversity quality and increase measure
* Evidence of tree planting
* Ecological reports (birds, insects, wildlife)
* Eco-Credits ™ are only offered once each year

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  • Assumption - 1 Eco-Credit = 1 tonne CO2e = $20


Farmers around Australia have a massive opportunity to draw down carbon into their farms both above and below ground. Through regenerative land stewardship, farmers can be rewarded for improving the land that they manage, and the carbon that is sequestered terrestrially via biodiversity enrichment and through an increase in soil organic carbon.

Eco-Credits ™ are deployed directly to organic farmers – that are committed to increase the amount of carbon stored in their soil and to acknowledge the value of water, soil, and biodiversity in their organic and agro-ecological farming system.  These commitments are independently verified via a third party audit trail.

Opportunities for farmers to commit to Ecological Credits (Eco-Credits™) include a tailored combination of:- –

  • Increased levels of carbon in the soil
  • Dedicated areas of biodiversity and diversity
  • Plant more native trees
  • Plant dedicated amounts of cover crops
  • Plant fruit trees

Organic Farms can REGISTER HERE for the next Eco-Credit project

Farms calculate their own carbon footprint HERE 

Each farmer will contribute to an annual Eco-Credit™ report for purchasers of the Eco-Credits.  This report details the collective Eco-Credit™ impact, and the ecological drawdown benefit of well-managed farmland together with improved biodiversity areas including birds, insects, and endangered wildlife.

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