Organic Meat Coop WA – Grass fed versus organic meat. An interview with Greg Sudholz, Chair of the Organic & Biodynamic Meat Co-op of WA www.organicmeatswa.com.au talking about the Co-op and organic meat in WA. Western Tourist Radio promotes sustainable food production through www.organicfoodwa.net.au, a network of organic producers and retailers in WA

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Succession planning: the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing farmers worldwide; there’s no single remedy, and businesses and relationships can be destroyed if it’s not done right.

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Australia’s organic industry today is only a small slice of total food production, but there’s plenty of optimism and commercial investment in the space. What does the term “organic” actually mean to producers and consumers, and is that way of seeing the world fundamentally incompatible with larger ambitions?

The Australian 
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Severine von Tscharner Fleming is a kind of farming savant and a super-dynamic agent of the revolution in agriculture reuniting us with soil, water, and life. She is the founder of the Agrarian Trust, which connects young farmers with land they otherwise couldn’t afford. We talked about the evolution of farming, its planetary healing potential, issues of ownership and the commons, and how to bridge our ideals and best practices to present-day economic realities.

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